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Dean of Studies, Attorney Stephen J. Kaufmann, JD, MBA, CLU, ChFC, CPCU, FLMI, CEPP
Ordained Minister - Taking Care Of People Ministries - Working With A Team of  LIFE Planners -
Legal, Insurance, Financial, Elder Law - Estate Planning Practitioners Nationally

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Please read, print and fax with your
credit card enrollment information to: 703 995 0320

Please read, print and fax this form with your
credit card enrollment information to: Confidential Fax to

Dean of Studies - 703 995 0320

LIFE Planners Memorandum of Understanding and Agreement Terms for

LPA ® Online Self Study Program Designation Enrollment

I have reviewed and agree to abide (for licensed Attorneys, Social Workers, Bankers, Insurance and Financial Advisors and Tax preparers - by the laws of the state of my professional license and the Code of Professional Ethics adopted by the national professional organization of my profession and the state organization's Code of Professional Ethics) and if I am not licensed as any other profession I also the Code of Professional Ethics of the Taking Care of  See for a list of some organizations @ I pledge to support, cooperate, and assist my fellow LPA®-Taking Care of members with honor, integrity, teamwork and due diligence. I understand that I do not practice law, nor provide any legal, financial or insurance or tax advice unless I am licensed to do so.  I understand that each state has different compliance regulations regarding the use of printed materials, advertising, licensing and use of professional designations and it is my responsibility to inquire with the regulatory agency for my state so that I am in compliance.

I understand that LPA® is not a designation to certify any expertise in LIFE planning or tax, social service or any other advising or consulting. LPA® designation represents a practitioner of LIFE Planning Working With a team of Legal, Insurance, Financial, LIFE Planning and Elder Law Professionals that has completed the CEPP or LPA training program and is a practitioner committed towards regular continuing education in the industry; and a LPA Graduate does not practice any profession alone, but with a team of professionals.  LPA® professionals are committed to continued education as a requirement – humbly respecting the discipline of proper and essential steps of doing complete asset protection and LIFE planning assessments - working with a team of legal, financial and insurance professionals.

I am committed to working with a team of professionals, dedicated to protecting assets one family at a time. I will strive to obtain LIFE planning awareness and educational programs in my community and to assist other LPA-Taking Care of members to do the same. I dedicate my practice to help raise awareness for the care of the elderly and to bring families together to care for each other with multi-generational LIFE planning.

I understand that no legal services are provided for members or their clients. I understand that no legal services are offered or rendered through the Taking Care of and that no memberships are transferable or re-salable to any other individual, firm or entity. I understand that (1) all educational material provided in the LPA®program is the confidential proprietary property of Taking Care of and is intended solely for the educational purposes of the LPA®  student. None of this material may be modified or duplicated other than for student LPA® educational purposes, edited or shall it be distributed to any other person without the written permission of Taking Care of; (2) all tuition is nonrefundable; (3) any disputes involving legal action shall be construed according to Virginia law and in the state of Virginia; (4) Taking Care of may change and/or modify any part of the LPA® program including designation(s) without prior notice; (5) a professional designation such as LPA® represents the completion of the education program only and that LPA® only has the integrity, competence, professional image and confidence to the public that the LPA® graduates represent to peers, clients and the general public; (6) that there is no procedure in most states for approving or certifying professional education organizations. (7) that Taking Care of assumes no responsibility of any actions of  LPA® graduates.

I understand that I will protect and not utilize any materials or online delivery system of this study program to compete with the Taking Care of  I will not assist any other entity to view, utilize or compete in any way by sharing my experience and knowledge against the Taking Care of I will only use and share what is permitted in writing by the Taking Care of what I learn from how this program and how it is delivered.

I have read, understood and agree to the above terms for review and/or enrollment for the LPA® professional designation program of The Taking Care of I understand that any unethical or illegal actions by me as perceived by the Taking Care of could terminate my LPA-Taking Care of membership and designation with the Taking Care of  I understand that any breach of protecting the Ways and Means of delivering the LPA program to others is also a breach of this agreement, except to others that are enrolled and members of the Taking Care of and LIFE PLanners Association TM.

Payment Option:  1   _____    $450

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Credit Card Number __________________________   Security Code on Back of Card _____

Billing Credit Card Address: ___________________________

Please debit my credit card for the above amount I have checked.


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<>    Witness: ___________________________ Print Name: _________________________ Date _________


This form must be printed and faxed to have your signature on file with the witness.

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and phone in your credit card info @ 800 750 91110
Please Fax or mail your printed signed copy along with a copy of your Business license If you have one,
If not -the name and address of the Town Office In Your Community - that you agree to contact before you start
<>Consulting, providing any services or chargingany fees for providing any LPAdvocate Services.

If you have a business card Please provide a copy and photo ID with this signed agreement to:
703 995 0320 or mail to Taking Care of Enrollment P O Box 669 - Luray, VA  22835
Upon receipt of your agreement and when we complete your credit card transaction
we will be contacting you with your user name and password to start your online studies.
We look forward to getting you started within the next 24 hours.

Thank You,
Taking Care of Staff

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